Jumpy Dreams - Terms

Terms and Conditions:

Always: Keep the equipment away from fire, hot objects, swimming pools and water. Persons not following the safety rules should be asked to leave the bounce house. All bouncers must remove shoes, eyeglasses, jewelry, and any hard or sharp objects before entering the bounce house. No eating, drinking, smoking inside the moonwalk.

No Silly String on or near the bounce unit. (Silly String breaks down the vinyl that the bounce units are made of).Absolutely NO flips, wrestling, or other forms of rough housing are allowed in the bounce house. Do not run and/or bounce against the walls of the bounce house. Do not bounce any closer than two feet from each other or two feet from the door. Do not run or jump through the door of the bounce house. Bouncers must enter and exit the bounce house from a sitting position. Do not climb or hang from the interior or exterior of the bounce house. Do not use the bounce house during rain. The jump surface is very slippery when wet. If anchors come loose during operation, stop operation. If, during operation, the wind becomes excessive (25mph or higher), remove all persons and deflate the bounce house. Compatible age & size groups must play on unit at the same time.

Children always must be supervised. The number of bouncers allowed in the bounce house should be determined based on the following chart. Chart is to be used only as a guide.

Equipment Problems: Should any equipment develop a problem, or does not function correctly at anytime, Customer agrees to immediately cease use of that equipment and Customer will immediately have the riders exit the Bouncer. Jumper loses air - The motor has stopped: Check cord connection at the outlet & at the motor. The motor stops to run-Check air intake on side of motor. Check the zipper (close if it is open), both tubes on back of jumper snugness and retie if necessary.